BSA/375 Business Systems

Includes NEW 2017 Version of BSA/375! Includes Agile Principles PPT, Process Modeling, Designing Forms, Section 508 Compliance, Internet Systems Technologies Paper or Podcast, Training and Support Paper or Podcast, and Learning Team Week 5 Team Retrospective Presentation.


NTC/362 Networking Fundamentals

Brand NEW 2017 Tutorials! This class includes editable MS Visio Diagrams so you can make your own changes!  All assignments listed under each week are included in purchase. Week 1 Networking Lab, OSI Model PPT, Bedford and Mayberry Satellite Campus Expansion Diagrams included!

BUS/212 Foundations of Business

Includes BUS/212 Contemporary Business Worksheet, Economic System Effectiveness, Global Expansion Presentation, Unethical Business Decisions, Business Forms Presentation, and 2017/2018 FINAL EXAM with Correct Answers!! 

DBM/380 Database Concepts

Includes Database Selection Paper, Sparkle Diamonds Database Project, including MySQL files, Bid Data PPT, Normalization, Entity Relationship Diagrams with Microsoft Visio Diagrams included so you can make your own changes and/or edits!

BIS/221 Computer Applications and Systems

Includes Computer Hardware and Software Paper, Business Value of Software Applications, Business Budget, Social Media and Online Collaboration Tools, and Online Productivity Applications!

IT/200 Digital Skills for the 21st Century

Inclused Cloud-Based Office Productivity Suite Presentation, Computer Networking and Configurations,  Point of Sale Data Collections, Automating Sales and Inventory, Medical Technologies, and Data Breaches!



BUS/475 Integrated Business Topics

Includes Learning Team SWOT Paper, Strategic Plan Part 1: New Product or Service, Week 3 Capstone Final ExamPart 1, Strategic Plan Part 3: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan, Week 5 Capstone Final Exam Part 2!

ENG/223 Workplace Writing Essentials

Includes Written Communication in the Workplace, Formal Messaging, Final Project: Report Topic Selection, Persuasive Messages, Tools for the Job Seeker, and Research-Driven Long, Formal Report!