NTC/320 Entire Class, West Consulting Customer Design Summary, Reding Health Group High-Level Design, Reding Health Group LAN, WAN, and Edge Network Designs, West Consulting IP Address Schema, and so much more!

NTC/362 Entire Class includes editable MS Visio Diagrams so you can make your own changes!  All assignments listed under each week are included in purchase. Week 1 Networking Lab, OSI Model PPT, Bedford and Mayberry Satellite Campus Expansion Diagrams included!
POS/355 Entire Class, Open Source vs. Closed Operating Systems, Operating Systems Project, Part I, Part II, and Final Project, Memory and Process Management, POS/355 File Management, POS/355 Operating System Requirements
HCS/451 Entire Class - Includes Continuous Quality Improvement Timeline, Quality Dimensions and Measures Table, Health Care Organizations Presentation, and Benchmark Assignment—Risk and Quality Management Manual!

POS/409 Entire Class - Includes Record Objects, List Collections, POS/409 Class Design Construction and Testing, LINQ, Implement the Initial User Interface, POS/409 JSON, Connecting the Application to Live Data, POS/409 Overview of Programming Presentation
Inclused Cloud-Based Office Productivity Suite Presentation, Computer Networking and Configurations,  Point of Sale Data Collections, Automating Sales and Inventory, Medical Technologies, and Data Breaches!