CMGT/433 Cyber Security

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CMGT/433 Security Overview
CMGT/433 Security Overview
CMGT/433 Security Overview

CMGT/433 Week 1

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Individual: Security Overview

In your first meeting, you will have to present a security overview presentation.
Create a 10- to 12-slide, multimedia-rich presentation in which you provide:
• A definition of cybersecurity; further explain how cybersecurity differs from enterprise

• A timeline of cyber milestones; including graphics and a brief explanation of the

• An explanation of why knowing cyber milestones is important for improving security for

   the organization's current and future environment
• A chart presenting 4 strategies that could be used to determine the organization's

    current security environment, the impact of the strategy, and resources (personnel,

    finances, etc.)
Your presentation should also include:
• Speaker notes
• At least 2 references to support the presented facts/etc. Format your citations

    according to APA guidelines.
Note: "Multimedia-rich" presentation typically means including several of the following: appropriate charts, graphics, video or audio samples, or images
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CMGT/433 Prioritizing Threats
CMGT/433 Cybersecurity Threats and Challenges
CMGT/433 Prioritizing Threats

CMGT/433 Week 2

Learning Team: Cybersecurity Threats and Challenges

There are several threats and challenges to an organization's cybersecurity. As a team, list 15 threats or challenges that may occur, as well as their possible impact on an organization.
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Note: This may assist with the Week 2 Prioritizing Threats assignment


Individual: Prioritizing Threats

Based on your completed security overview presentation that was 'approved for action,' the team would like more information about the type of threats and challenges that should be addressed. They want to know which threats should be prioritized and the impact they have on the organization. They would like you to:
• Identify common categories of cybersecurity threats
• Prioritize categories
• Recommend a cybersecurity category to address with the organization
• Identify challenges that mobile and cloud computing needs could bring to the

• Explain the importance of testing for the detection and intrusion of risks
Write a 2- to 3-page executive summary to share with the executive staff about your recommendations, challenges, and explanations.
Include the following in your summary:
• A chart detailing 8 challenges and their impact
• Your top 5 prioritized categories with a rationale for the prioritization
• At least two references supporting your top 5 recommendations
Note: This executive summary will also be used in the Week 3 Assignment.
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CMGT/433 Action Plan
CMGT/433 Action Plan

CMGT/433 Week 3


Individual: Action Plan

Includes: 5-pg. Word document

Includes: Excel Spreadsheet w/10 tasks

An action plan is often developed to assist project leaders to effectively demonstrate what items need to be addressed when charged to create or improve a business process, program, practice, etc. A plan should break down individual requirements and issues into steps that can be tracked, indicate team member(s) responsibility, and completion (including prerequisites) dates. A plan usually includes goals, steps,
assignments, and deadlines.
The executive staff at Dayton Soft Products did not agree with your first recommendations provided in your executive summary. They asked that you go with your number 2 and number 4 recommendations, which they thought would be best for their organization. This presents a challenge to you, but you must go ahead with what your client wants.
Create an action plan with a total of at least 10 tasks. Each task must address the following three issues:
• Risk assessment (overall strategy)
• Contingency planning
• What is your plan if there is a problem? Who sets the priorities following an incident?

    Who is going to do what? What are the priorities? How do you keep the plan going?
• Vulnerability management
• What is the strategy for ongoing risk identification?
• Once you've identified the risk, how do you mitigate the risk? What are the steps?
You may complete this action table either as a 4- to-5-page Microsoft Word document or as a detailed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The following are examples of column heading titles for a table-formatted
action plan:
Column 1: Action Item
Column 2: Description/Details
Column 3: Person Responsible
Column 4: Status
Column 5: Due Date
Column 6: Prerequisites
Column 7: Date Completed
Column 8: Comments/Notes
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CMGT/433 Security Proposal
CMGT/433 Cybersecurity RACI Chart
CMGT/433 Cybersecurity RACI Chart

CMGT/433 Week 4


Individual: Security Proposal
Include Option #1 Dayton Soft Products Security Proposal

Includes Option #2 Dayton Soft Products Secuirty Proposal

Includes Option #1: Dayton Soft Products RACI Chart (Excel file)

Includes Option #2: Dayton Soft Products RACI Chart

The Dayton Soft Products executive staff has requested materials and your recommendations on the following security issues:
• Is a security audit really needed? What are your recommendations for conducting such

   an audit?
• What are the roles and responsibilities for the organization's staff regarding security?
• Is there any concern about Dayton Soft Products' overall communications?
Compile a 3- to 4-page proposal that addresses solutions for the issues presented and includes:
1. Reasons for why a security audit is necessary with your recommendations for

    conducting such an audit:
      1. Potential costs (personnel, finances, etc.)
      2. Proposed audit timeline
      3. Two recommend methodologies
2. A RACI chart that identifies:
      1. the roles and responsibilities for the organization's staff regarding security, and
      2. expectations for a) business units, b) IT staff, c) executive staff, d) sales, and e)

          support staff.
      3. Note: This chart may be embedded in your proposal as a table or spreadsheet file,

          or attached as a separate document.
3. Answers to concern about Dayton Soft Products' overall communications
      1. Three recommendations for securing the web communications—especially

           addressing internal needs and the growing global needs
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CMGT/433 Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign
CMGT/433 Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign CMGT/433

CMGT/433 Week 5

Individual: Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign
As a final project requirement, the executive staff requested recommendations to address the following:
• Strategy for staff awareness
• Strategy for ongoing security maintenance
The best way to get the message across is to have a solid mission statement to share with the organization. You decide to create an awareness campaign for the organization to address the executive staff member's request. Your campaign consists of the following three items:
• Mission statement
• Poster campaign
• Message to organization via the intranet
Create an approximate 90-word security policy mission statement for Dayton Soft Products.
Develop a poster campaign consisting of 3 posters for security awareness to display in the workplace and to distribute virtually. Each poster must include the security policy mission statement. Highlight at least 5 legal and ethical issues across the 3 posters. You may use any program to create your posters.
Write a message for the company's internal website to a diverse workforce announcing the cybersecurity awareness material. You will need to submit a draft of your announcement message to the executive staff in the form of a Microsoft® Word document.
Provide the following elements in your announcement message:
• The reason the corporate security policy was established
• Mission statement
• Employees' role to meet the mission
• Announce launch of the poster campaign
• Large images of the three posters
• Strategies and tools for ongoing monitoring and enforcement of security policy
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