BIS/221T Introduction to Computer Applications and Systems


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BIS/221T Week 1 Summative Assessment Information Systems Exam
BIS/221T Week 1 Summative Assessment Information Systems Exam

BIS/221T Week 1   Introduction to Computer Applications and Systems


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Apply: Summative Assessment: Information System Exam

  1. 1 Mbps down means that content is delivered (or downloaded) to you at about
  2. The last part of a URL, such as .com, .edu, or .biz is called the
  3. What makes copyright infringement so easy online?
  4. Rather than entering an IP address into our browser, we use a text-based address known as a(n)
  5. Digital devices all have some form of   
  6. Printers, speakers, and________are considered output devices.  
  7. Read-only memory is considered _________ memory.
  8. Today, an increasingly popular storage medium is cloud storage, which involves storing information
  9. According to Chapter 4, a smartphone is essentially a
  10. To purchase a domain name, you should contact
  11. This type of equipment helps to keep your connection secure.    
  12. The four parts of the information processing cycle are input of data, output of information, processing of data, and
  13. The text after http in a URL indicates the          
  14. The motherboard is the primary________ in your computer.      
  15. How is a mobile operating system different from a personal computer operating system? Select one:
  16. Starting a computer when ________ is called a cold boot.          
  17. What does ISP stand for?         
  18. Four common methods of connecting to the Internet using broadband are DSL, cable, fiber-optic cable, and
  19. Outlook and Gmail are examples of popular      
  20. When does the BIOS check devices such as the memory, monitor, keyboard, and disc drives?
  21. The deep web is another name for        
  22. Chapter 2 calls the internet the world’s largest   
  23. Web 2.0 marks a change from people ________ to people ________.
  24. The _______ on a desktop computer is considered a peripheral device.
  25. A speedometer in an old-style car is an example of a(n)
  26. Which of the following would be considered a digital device with built-in input and output features?
  27. An iPhone runs the mobile OS ________; other smartphones run a mobile OS such as ______.
  28. The “three Ws” discussed in Chapter 2 are used in        
  29. It is ________ to copy or distribute intellectual property without appropriate permission.
  30. When was the first email sent? 



Discussion Question (and Answer)

Information Technology (IT) has become a mainstay for businesses across multiple industries, as well as for personal use. Even industries that have historically not had much need for technology, such as restaurants, now require more sophisticated systems and technology to compete. As you learn about IT this week, you will explore powerful technologies and systems that are used today.
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

  1. Share the most surprising things you learned about IT this week that you were not aware of before.
  2. Consider a company you are familiar with and explain how IT can enhance or compromise it.
  3. Share how IT can improve your career opportunities.




BIS/221T Week 2

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Practice: Word Processing Lesson – 55 points




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BIS/221T Week 3

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BIS/221T Week 4


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BIS/221T - Week 5

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